Farm Card CSA

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Farm Card Membership:

  • Savings throughout the season (save 10% all season!)
  • Flexibility to pick vegetables of your choice
  • Monthly newsletter with updates on farm and seasonal recipes
  • Bulk deals throughout the season
  • Siembra swipe card and tote bag
  • Fresh produce now until May 2020

How It Works

  • This is an alternative CSA membership that gives more flexibility to members and the farm.
  • Instead of a traditional packed box, you will receive a credit (with 10% added value) for our market stands and bulk deals. We will give you a card that tracks your spending and you can buy as much as you want only when you need it.
  • No need to cancel shares or put your account on hold!

Cost Options

  • We have three options:
    • Pay $350, get $385 option: ~$12/week
    • Pay $500, get $550 option: ~$17/week
    • Pay $1000, get $1100 option: ~$34/week

Where to Use Your Card

  • Union Street Market (Downtown Gainesville): Wednesdays 4-7 PM
  • Haile Market (Haile Village Center): Saturdays 8:30 AM-Noon
  • Alachua County Market (off 441): Saturdays 8:30 AM-Noon
  • Bulk Deals: TBA in newsletter

Sharing Your Card

  • If you want to share the cost with a family member or friend, we can split the amount however you’d like and give you each your own card.
  • You will also be able to transfer your card over to anyone anytime throughout the season. Just let us know so we can get them on our mailing list.

Adding Funds

  • Members are able to add a minimum of $100 and receive 10% added value.
  • There will be no limit to how much you can add :)


  • Unfortunately, we won’t be able to roll over any remaining funds from one season to the next. We also will not be able to refund you any remainders on your account. We do have great bulk deals on storage produce at the end of the season!

Card Pick Up

  • You can pick up your card now.


  • Your membership participation gives us the funding we need to start the season (buy seeds, fertilizer, supplies, etc.) and we appreciate your support.


  • If you still would like to be a member but can’t afford these options, please contact us at
  • Our vegetables will still be for sale at reasonable prices to non-members.
  • Contact us: